A list of stresses in the dwindling weekend hours
  1. There's a half hour until the Warriors game. Should I make this list or play Grand Theft Auto?
  2. Why did Buster Posey have to ground into a double play with the bases loaded to end the Giants game? On the other hand, if he would have homered then the game might be in extra innings and then I'd be distracted during the Warriors game, so maybe it's a good thing?
  3. Should I watch the Warriors with a burrito or Thai food?
  4. Since we have but one DVR in the house and since my wife is binge watching Parenthood I have to watch Game of Thrones during its actual air time, which is just...
  5. Will the half hour between the end of the Warriors game and the beginning of Game of Thrones be enough time to finish the final heist in GTA V?