1. BenFolds.org
    A lot of heated debate as to whether or not he was better off without the Five.
  2. Ain't It Cool News
    Responsible for me seeing the live action "Grinch" which was touted on the site as a "masterpiece."
  3. Literotica.com
    Porn was youth restricted on the ol' AOL account but I found a loophole site with insanely dirty stories, mainly written by creeps that wanted to nail Jennifer Love Hewitt
  4. Candystand.com
    Life Savers mini-golf, motherfuckers!
  5. CDNow.com
    To hear 30 second Real Audio snippets of the long awaited Audioslave record.
  6. Going to Ask Jeeves and asking Jeeves if he was gay.
    This never got old.