Most PG-13 movies are allowed to have one "fuck" in them. Here are some movies that used them well!
  1. Billy Madison
    After hearing "The Puppy Who Lost His Way," "You gotta get your ass out there and find that fuckin' dog!"
  2. Crazy, Stupid, Love
    Emma Stone's exasperated "Fuck!" after seeing Ryan Gosling shirtless.
  3. Anchorman
    "Go fuck yourself, San Diego!"
  4. Loser
    Jason Biggs finally losing his cool with Greg Kinnear "I don't give a fuck what you think!" (AUTHORS NOTE: I love the movie "Loser" far too much)
  5. Say Anything...
    Lloyd's muffled "I fucked up" in his phone booth message.
  6. Angus
    Angus' powerful Bethune Theory speech to the Admissions Board member "Which will prove my FUCKING point."
  7. Orange County
    Jack Black's ideas speech: "Like a fuckin' shirt that says 'LOSER!'l
  8. Can't Hardly Wait
    Denise at the end "I kind of believe in fate. It just works in fucked up ways sometimes."