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  1. The Parrot Disco Drone goes up to 50 mph and has autopilot features to make flying easier
  2. New OLED TVs are super thin and support eye-popping HDR video
  3. The potential Tesla competitor, Faraday Future, emerged with aim to operate like a tech company
  4. Strong sales of vinyl LPs are fueling an explosion of new record players for 2016
  5. Fitbit Blaze can last for 5 days on a single charge
  6. Chinese smartphones reveal surprising innovation
  7. New Bluetooth headphones can also track your fitness activity
  8. Nikon hopes to bring quality and sharp optics to the world of VR
  9. Smart refrigerator from Samsung aims to be "the heart of the home"
  10. Smartwatches get blinged out to appeal to more fashionable wrists