You're not imagining things. Your half gallon of ice cream is now 48-54oz, but you're paying the same price. Here are 6 products that aren't "bigger on the inside." See more at
  1. Yogurt. 8oz. cups now weigh in at 6oz.
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  2. Orange Juice. A half gallon is now only 59oz.
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  3. Giant Candy Bars. Or not so giant. Bars that used to be 8oz. are 7oz. tops now.
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  4. Ivory Soap. Bars went from 4.5oz. to 4oz. to only 3.1oz. if you buy them in a 3 pack.
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  5. Peanut Butter. Check the bottom of the jar. That dimple is responsible for 2oz. of missing peanut butter.
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  6. Chips. You'll pay the old 16oz. price for 12.5oz. of chips.
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