You could stand on a line to get into a store, or you could get your shopping out of the way now, from the comfort of your couch. We help you do the latter.
  1. Apple MacBook 12-inch
    We recommended this model because in our tests it had excellent display, ergonomics, and sound.
  2. Bosch Ascenta Dishwasher
    You might not think a dishwasher is a great gift until your old one breaks and someone is stuck doing the dishes by hand. We love this one because it is way cheaper than other high-performers and is energy efficient!
  3. Calphalon Simply Nonstick 10 pc Cookware Set
    Sometimes cookware sets are just a way to load you up with things you don't need for more than you'd want to pay, but not this set. It's affordable and a super useful addition to a new home.
  4. Vizio E28h-C1 LCD HDTV With LED Backlighting
    Sure, a 28" set might not be what you want for your living room, but for a guest room or a child's room or for your kitchen, this will fit perfectly!
  5. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender
    This is the mother of all blenders and if it's in your budget, you'd be hard pressed to do better.
  6. LG G4 Smartphone
    Not only does this phone have a great camera, but it has a very cool split screen feature that allows you to see two apps at once.
  7. Haier Wine Chiller
    If someone accidentally brings you more wine than you can drink in a night, isn't it nice to know you have a place to store the leftovers? We love this model because it's dual-zone meaning you can keep your whites and reds at different temperatures.