Check your kitchen toolbox now and avoid culinary embarrassment during the holidays. Unfortunately, you will need some cooking skills as well. For more details:
  1. Ginsu Chikara knives
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    This 8-piece set will help you perfectly carve your turkey. And, at $75, it won't break your piggy bank.
  2. Calphalon Simply Nonstick 10-inch pan
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    Your holiday conversations might turn "sticky" but your food won't with this non-stick pan, a Consumer Reports Best Buy.
  3. Cutting board
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    You need at least three cutting boards in your kitchen. One for raw meat, one for vegetables, and another one for cooked meat. We recommend polypropylene or another dishwasher-safe material for raw meat. The other ones are up to you.
  4. Meat thermometer
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    No one wants to serve an under-cooked turkey, so stick it with a thermometer. You're better off choosing a digital one for its accuracy.
  5. Tongs
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    From flipping meat to tossing a salad, this kitchen tool will prove more useful than all of your questionable "helpers."
  6. Roasting rack
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    Impress your guests with a bird that's crisp and evenly cooked using a roasting rack.
  7. Kitchen twine
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    Cooking skills not up to par? Well, presentation won't help you but it might still wow your guests. Use kitchen twine to keep your bird in place while cooking.
  8. Storage containers
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    You know how Thanksgiving dinner is great but the leftovers are even better? Make sure you've got somewhere to put them.