1. Know what you want when it's your turn at the bar
    Even better, have a signature drink that let's you have fun but doesn't call for someone else putting you in a cab
  2. Don't drink so much and make sure you eat enough so that someone else doesn't have to put you in a cab
  3. Once you have your drink step away from the bar
    It is not the place to find out what your second cousin's ex wife's new boyfriend is up to
  4. If you are really worried about how long it will take get a second drink, order two it drink them slowly
  5. Be aware of people moving around and scootch and inch or so to let them by
  6. Having a friend already in line order a drink for you is okay, going to where your friends are in line and then ordering separately is cutting
  7. Pay attention to where the line ends, unless you are in the UK people don't queue up for no reason
  8. Do not cut in front of a board member, they have donated more money than you and have better insurance than you so we will throw down