1. Called to schedule an appointment with my doctor. Awkwardly informed that it is her last day.
  2. Reluctantly and randomly pick a new doctor and schedule a future appointment with him.
  3. See the new doctor and have some lab work done.
  4. Receive the lab work results in the mail and... they are signed by my original doctor. Huh? The one they said was leaving the practice a few weeks ago. Huh? My original doctor, who is still listed on the web site, but is supposedly no longer there, but is still signing off on lab work. Huh?
  5. Is she still there? Does she just no longer see clients? Clients she must find creepy, but does not tell? Clients where she pretends to move, in order to get away, but still torments by signing their lab work? Just tell me to get lost, okay? I can handle it. I'll schedule an appointment with my new doctor to be examined for a broken heart.
  6. Ugh, health care. It's complicated.