1. Waitress Interaction
    While having breakfast out with my kids, the waitress asked if I would like a refill on my coffee. I responded, "How about a kiss?" To which she asked, "How about a big one?" Awkward, albeit I was to blame for my weird attempt at saying "Just a splash, please."
  2. Maniquine/Planter Thing
    I want to look, but I'm scared to look. Awkward, plastic, and barely dressed.
  3. Warm Handle
    Grabbing onto a Target shopping cart and wondering why the handle is warm. Ewww. A few seconds later, realizing that it was just sitting in the sun, while resting in the parking lot cart corral. Awkward relief.
  4. Kabob into the Belly
    Our family had just finished a lovely evening. Grilled beef and veggie kabobs on a beautiful summer night. Cleaning up, I twirled around the bag of trash and pulled it close for transport to the trash can. That's when "poke," the bamboo sticks went through the plastic bag and jabbed me in the belly. Awkward "belly poke."