1. At work, we were discussing James Bond films.
  2. The topic turned to Bonds of our youth and mine happens to be Roger Moore. Cheesy, wink at the camera, all into the 80s Roger Moore. During my youth, HBO seemed to run his Bond films on a continuous loop.
  3. Suddenly, a co-worker turned to me and said, "Dave, you remind me of Roger Moore."
  4. What? Not a more kick ass Bond (Daniel Craig)? Not a more classic Bond (Sean Connery)? Not a more "Hey, you could play Bond" Bond (Pierce Brosnan)? Not a more forgettable Bond (George or Timothy What's Their Names)? Not someone more "Bondish" than Moore?
  5. Oh, well. Time to embrace the campy, because it it better to be a Bond, than never to have been a Bond at all. Just ask George and Timothy What's Their Names.