1. 10-year-old son Sam received a "Pyramid" Rubik's Cube Puzzle for his birthday.
    This happens to be the only type of Rubik's shape I can solve.
  2. Together, Sam and I solved it.
  3. He went to bed happy and proud.
  4. First thing next morning, Sam arrives at my bedside in tears to report that his 13-year-old brother Jacob messed up the puzzle.
  5. After an extensive Dad Investigation, turns out Sam let his brother play with the puzzle (mistake) with the understanding it would not get messed up (right, that would never happen). Sure enough, his older brother accidently messed it up (it had to be this way).
  6. Sadness. Great sadness abounds.
  7. Dad fixes puzzle, because it is the only type I can fix.
  8. Relief abounds. Peace once again reruns to the house. I rest satisfied.