I needed to buy a birthday present for my youngest son. I had 45 minutes to run to Target and purchase it. My oldest son was home.
  1. Me, "Can I trust you with a secret?"
  2. Mustering just enough early teen sincerity, my Oldest Son promises yes.
  3. We scurry to Target. Purchase the last awesome BB-8 Star Wars robot toy in stock. (His name is Ben and he's turning 8. Get it, B-8? Sort of like BB-8? Any who, I chuckled.)
  4. Racing home, we arrive back just in time to hide it for later processing.
  5. At that evening's dinner table, I start telling some completely unrelated tale.
  6. With a wry grin, my oldest son pipes up and asks, "Dad, is this about the secret?" Catching my nasty look from across the table, he backs away from the edge.
  7. Well, I guess I cannot trust you with a secret. Good to know.