Cereal Characters that Really Bother Me

  1. Honorable Mention - "Hot Cereals" Category
    This kid really bothers me. Bothers me to the core. Plus, what is up with the birds? This kid must be stopped and his little birds, too.
  2. The Cap'n
    No Captain would go by Cap'n and I certainly don't want him to "crunch-a-tize" me. Plus, his eyebrows are on his hat. Wrong. Just wrong.
  3. Cereal with Eyes
    Nasty. The last thing that I want as I smother my cereal in milk and crunch into it is for it to be looking back at me. Creepy.
  4. Apple from the Depths of Hell
    Dear God, I may not be able to sleep tonight. In fact, if this cereal is in my house, I may never be able to sleep again. Your worst nightmares have come true and they are joining you for breakfast.