So every now and then, when I don't have a real topic to ramble on about, I open up my "Idea Box" and gather up all the little pieces of thoughts that may not have warranted their own, but together become something passable. We should all strive for such a wonderful transformation, like how these run-on sentences could be so much more.
  1. Bad ump recognition
    I don't know much about basketball, but I can effectively drop my kid off for practice. As I was leaving, one of the dad coaches came over and said, "Did you ump a baseball game last year?" "Yep," I acknowledged in shame. It was a horrible experience. I was pinch hitting for the ump who did not show. Everyone was grumpy. I was dirty. Tired. Embarrassed. Now, I was so bad people remembered me. Then he said, "At least, you stepped up." Sort of a compliment. I'll take it.
  2. Basketball to the head
    We had just delivered my youngest son for basketball practice. I was sitting on the sidelines with another one of my boys. We were arguing about who was the tallest player ever. I decided to settle it with Google. Typing in the request, I suddenly felt a blow to the top of my head. A kid had missed a shot and the ball (heavy hard evil people killing basketball) landed square on the top of my head. Ouch! Concussion type ouch! Thanks Google, your siren song of knowledge almost killed me.