1. The Call
    Bank calls regarding suspicious account activity. Crap!
  2. Did I...?
    First question - Did I charge $70 something to a place in Canada? Well, maybe. I did make an internet purchase and they may have been from Canada. Who knows? Maybe.
  3. How about this one?
    Did you charge $2.04 to Tim Hortons (the iconic Canadian doughnut shop)? Oh no, but now I am jealous instead of mad or worried. I would love a Tim Hortons doughnut.
  4. The gig is up.
    Sorry, my Canadian doppelganger identity thieving friends. You may have lived another carefree day on my dime, but your doughnut desires were your undoing. Ah, we all have our weaknesses and I fully respect your doughnut Achilles Heel.