As a team building exercise at church, we needed to go around our group and name the primary talent we see in ourselves (from a list of Biblical talents provided), then others say what talents they see in you, finally compare to see if they align. Deep breath, I gave it a try.
  1. What I saw in myself... "Encouragement - help others develop their potential."
    Easy, peasy. I got this.
  2. First thing others saw in me... "Discernment - ability to evaluate right from wrong based on God's word."
    What? Well, I do often default to the "Love Test." Is it being done out of love, not fear? Love, not hate? Love, not judgement? If that's discernment, well then maybe I see it in myself (just a little).
  3. The second thing others saw in me... "Teaching - ability to apply the Bible in a way that causes others to learn."
    I do enjoy contemplating such spiritual stuff, but I would have never given myself this type of nod.
  4. There you have it. I was completely off in how others saw me and apparently I suck at giving others encouragement.
    Previously, I considered my level of discernment as follows... if one knob is labeled "Hot," the one without the label must be "Cold." Turns out that's "deduce," not "discern." Go figure.
  5. Conclusion - Others see incredible potential in you. Things you never even thought were inside...
  6. So today, smile and rejoice. You are amazing and plenty of others already know it. Feel free to let your light out to shine, because others already see it in you.
    Here ends the spiritual reflection of not-a-Pastor Dave, please forgive me for this brief detour and feel free to continue with your enjoyment.