doppelganger @ the lake

a @CookiesbyDave doppelganger exclusive... accept no imitations, except in this case.
  1. Morning Coffee
    Lakeside with my lovely lady.
  2. Sunscreen
    Always wear your sunscreen.
  3. Soaking Up the Sun
    That's some hot metal.
  4. Swim Time
    Always swim with a buddy. #MetalSinks.
  5. Creature Feature
  6. Toweling Off
    That was refreshing.
  7. Lakeside Lunch
    Everyone needs refueling.
  8. Quality Hammock Time
    Ahhhhh, that's vacation.
  9. Trip into Town
    Admiring public art.
  10. A Game of Carpetball
    Everyone is a winner.
  11. A Little Fishing
    "Whoa! I got a big one!"
  12. The Big Slide
    "Be brave,"
  13. Whee!
    A metal slide, how appropriate.
  14. Relaxation Time
    Time to kick up those metallic heels.
  15. Ladder Toss
    Who knew was a lefty?
  16. Pontooning
  17. Remains of the Campfire
    Careful not to get too close.
  18. S'mores
    "Another one? Time to cut back,"
  19. Game of Cards
    Full house! Well played,
  20. Bedtime
    Oh my, it's been a busy day. Sleep tight,
  21. Dream of Return Visits
    ", when can we come back to the lake?"
  22. A Soulful Touch
    Don't you ever doubt it. has a soul. A kind, fun loving, interfaith all-inclusive soul. I must say, also sounded great, while singing in the choir.
  23. Family Photo
    You can try, but once the vacations with your family, you will never be the same.