I saw a yummy looking recipe for "Smoked Salmon Alfredo." My personal challenge was to remember all the ingredients for a trip to the grocery store without writing down a single one. I know, living on the edge. #ModernDadStyle
  1. Visual of Smoked Salmon arranged to form the word "DILL."
    Key ingredient of salmon. Check. Random extra herb. Check. So rocking this challenge.
  2. Imagined "DILL" spelled with salmon, now topped with peas.
    Hum, are Snow Peas the same as Chinese Pea Pods? Why must life be so hard? #SuburbanDadWhining
  3. A chicken made of cream cheese standing above the "DILL."
    Ah, cream cheese. Check. Was that chicken stock or broth? I'll go with whatever one has Rachael Ray on the box, because she makes me smile. #DadCelebrityCrush
  4. Fettuccine!
    I almost forgot the noodles. #PastaCrisisAverted
  5. Way to go. Pat on the back. Victory at hand. I drove home to fix dinner.
    So proud of how my mind works.
  6. Damn! Forgot the bread!
    Failed to purchase the only part of the meal that the kids might actually eat. Next time, that cream cheese chicken is going to be holding a French baguette. #DadProcessImprovement