At lunch, as I hoisted myself onto a treadmill, I considered how it's not as bad as it seems.
  1. I can run.
    Slow, but it counts.
  2. My work wants me to succeed.
    Fact - Dead employees are expensive to replace and awkward to remove from the building.
  3. My family loves me.
    They encourage healthy choices, instead of feeding me the ice cream I would like to eat as a main course.
  4. My old clothes miss me.
    Patiently, they wait in the closet for the smaller version of me to return.
  5. Nothing major is broken.
    Get this under control and the dealer may still honor their warranty.
  6. Self control is all I need.
    Just stop eating so much. That's all I need to do.
  7. I've got this. I'm not that far gone.
    I'll get there. I will succeed. One heavy stride on the treadmill at a time.