I have an "Ideas" li.st in my Drafts that I usually reference if I need something to write about. Sadly, the "Ideas" li.st is uninspiring, so it's time to clean house. Here you have 'em, the rejected Draft li.st ideas.
  1. Sam's Bible on vacation
    My 9-year-old son packed for vacation and filled up half his bag with his Bible. There's a heartwarming tale in here that never quite percolated into words for me.
  2. My loud cell phone talk
    Whenever I'm on a cell phone, I become a "loud talker." It's sort of like I begin shouting long distance. My wife finds this behavior oh so sad and an early sign of the aging process.
  3. Short Chair at Work
    I was at work in a meeting and my chair gradually started sinking. Eventually, I was almost sitting on the floor with my elbows on the table. Pitiful. Just pitiful.
  4. Not dabbing right
    My kids enjoy dabbing, so in the car, I did this to the beat of a song. I thought I was clever. They felt I was doing it completely wrong. We were both probably right.
  5. Official teen angst
    Teen slams door. I tell him to knock it off. Voices get raised. We part. I feel bad. Still however willing to remove the door from its hinges at a moment's notice. #DoorsAreAPrivilege Ah, the Circle of Parental Life continues.