1. My office dresses pretty casually.
  2. I have embraced the sweater look.
  3. Winter seems to last forever in Minnesota.
  4. I am tired of winter.
  5. I am tired of sweaters.
  6. I needed a change.
  7. I found a dress shirt and a long ignored tie.
  8. But my suit coats were nowhere to be found.
  9. Did I throw them out?
  10. Did I just not see them?
  11. Did I unknowingly cross the line into "blundering idiot searching aimlessly in the closet?"
  12. Sadly, it was last one.
  13. Asking my wife if she knew their location, she pointed to a dark and forgotten corner of the closet.
  14. Picking out a tweed number that made me look like someone who had wandered into the library stacks and never returned, I dusted off the shoulders.
  15. Welcome back, my suit coat friend.
  16. Let's join as one and bid adieu to winter together.