Just woke up. Grabbed my phone. Here we go.
  1. li.sts are just hotter, when I type them half naked
    Oh, baby! li.st me one more time.
  2. No worries, half of me is not naked
    All of the FCC troublesome parts have been "addressed."
  3. I can smell the coffee
    So happy that I got the coffee ready to go last night. Way to go, "Nighttime Dave."
  4. My body heat has created a cuddly blanket cavern
    I am so warm in here. If it was not creepy, I would suggest that my meetings today be held in my bed. Again, if only that was not creepy.
  5. I write some fine randomness, while I am still half asleep
    This li.st will not look so brilliant in about 30 minutes, so I had best embrace the li.st and the moment right now. Carpe li.ste. Seize the li.st.
  6. The dog seems so happy
    Asleep with his head on my leg. He seems so content. Must not disturb him. Be a good human.
  7. My wife shows no signs of wanting to wake
    It's unanimous. We shall stretch this slow wake up thing as long as possible.
  8. I don't recognize the song on the radio
    Ah, a touch of the unfamiliar in such a comfortable setting. Just a tiny step into "the new." Nice.
  9. By the glow of the phone, I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself
    Slugger, this is going to be a great day and you're the only one that can make it happen. Go get 'em!