With our nation grieving, I woke up this morning. I woke up, because I was blessed with another day. Today, I will try to fight hate with joy. Today is a joy in itself and I will share it. These are the little things that just made me smile.
  1. Listerine
    Powerful source of freshness.
  2. The morning sun
    Filling my soul with strength.
  3. Cup of hot coffee
    Bless you, coffee pot.
  4. My 9-year-old son
    Greeted me this morning, bubbling with theories about his Rubik's cube.
  5. My dog sleeping in
    Sure, because he has a busy day planned. Squirrel watching can be exhausting.
  6. My beautiful, talented, and loving wife
    Resting next to me in bed, every morning I am reminded of how blessed I am to share this amazing journey with such an incredible woman. Thank you Lord for today. I will do my best to treasure it.