1. I have a bad habit.
  2. I write down thoughts on little pieces of paper and place them on our desk.
  3. The desk eventually develops into a pile (small mountain?).
  4. My wife gets tired of walking by the small mountain and disposes of it in the trash can.
  5. Many a good idea (questionable idea?) has died this way.
  6. (insert a brief moment of silence)
  7. Yesterday, the idea for today's li.st, a tale about my wife accidently disposing of the morning coffee pot remains too early (a theme?) sat scribbled on a tiny piece of paper.
  8. Alas, that tale met an early end (tear running down my cheek).
  9. We all strive to meet our potential. We all search for balance with the ones we love.
  10. Take it from me, that's all well and good. Just don't write that profound idea on a random sheet of paper.