1. For months, my boys have been trying to get me to play "Clash of Clans."
  2. I have resisted, because...
  3. A) Just too much electronic stuff in my life already,
  4. B) Too much drama, including nonsense like "I wanna be clan leader" to which I could really give a rat's butt, and...
  5. C) Too much pressure, such as "We are going to war and you need to send barbarians now" to which I would need to find another rat's butt to care even less.
  6. Well, today I was almost tempted into the game, when my son pointed out that Chance the Rapper had joined their clan.
  7. Was it THE Chance the Rapper? Grammy Award winning Chance the Rapper? Or just another dude, who happens to have the name Chance the Rapper and will soon whine about Baby Dragons and some such silliness to which I would now have to find a flying rat's butt?
  8. No proof either way, so sorry boys, clash on without me.