My Saturday Showers - A Delayed but Very Clean List

  1. 1.
    I woke up and showered.
    Simulated photo of me sleeping. Sleeping in a blissful state with my beloved stand mixer, which strangely enough is shown on its side.
  2. 2.
    Ran a 5k and mowed the lawn, which called for a shower.
    Okay, so I walked the 5k with my coworkers. Plus, it was a "chocolate" 5k, so I ate more calories than I burned, but it was hot and I did mow the lawn, so I deserved that extra shower.
  3. 3.
    I watched my son's baseball game and then showered.
    Did I mention that it was sunny and hot outside? In fact, it was "Africa hot" outside! Boiling! Some would say over 100 degrees (people who were exaggerating would say that). Plus, I had on 17 layers of sunscreen that needed to be washed off.
  4. 4.
    After sunset, I took an evening jog, which necessitated a final shower of the day.
    Plus, I got lost on the jog and ran through a dusty construction site. Plus plus, even with three previous showers, I had not yet shaved for the day. Plus plus plus, being dirty and sweaty and unshaven a shower would be needed, if I wanted my wife to approach anywhere close to me. Given all of the factors, a fourth shower was certainly needed.