With great alarm, our 12-year-old son announced that the cereal was running low. Here's the "situation."
  1. Special K with Red Berries
    Indeed, critical levels. Plus, hardly a "red berry" to be found.
  2. Superman Cereal
    Movie promotion to the extreme. Oh well, not much there. Plus, they appear to be Multi-Grain Cheerios (gasp!). The work of Lex Luther?
  3. Superman Cereal - The Sequel
    Wait! There is some Superman cereal on the bottom of the box. Just in time to save breakfast.
  4. Alpha-Bits
    In terms of volume remaining, can you spell F-A-I-L?
  5. Raisin Bran
    Almost gone, but considering the current rate of consumption, it should last well into the next decade.
  6. Overall, the cereal "situation" is not ideal, but far from critical.
    My children will disagree, as they shovel the cereal remains into their sad faces. Such is life at the breakfast table. The End.