Number One worst thing that I have said at church and immediately regretted it (although I was being honest in my desires).
  1. My wife, "I can take the offering upfront."
  2. My oh so wrong response, "Good, I like seeing you walk it up there."
  3. So so wrong, but she was looking so so right. Friends, some things are better left unsaid, especially in church.
  4. "Attention all church goers, in pew number three we have a special viewing, 'Saint and Sinner all rolled into one.'"
  5. "As a special bonus, if you view him in the next two minutes, you can see him hiding his head in shame, after receiving the 'That was so wrong' glance from his wife."
  6. Ah, we are all a work in progress, some of us (me) more than others.