1. Tomorrow at church, my second grader has a get together event to learn about prayer.
  2. His instructions include "wear your pj's and bring a parent."
  3. No word about if the parents should wear pj's.
  4. I look good in my pj's. Damn good.
  5. Will other parents wear pj's? If they don't, will they snicker, point, and laugh at me?
  6. Would my child be mocked by association with me, "the Fool Parent?" A "Fool Parent in PJs."
  7. Would my wife ever knowingly allow me to leave the house in pj's? (Uh, no.)
  8. Why must I be tormented with such spiritual stress?
  9. I should pray about it...
  10. "Dear God, I look really fine in my pajamas, but wearing them out might test social limits. Any who, thank you for my comfy pj's and my body that looks mighty fine in them. Amen."