Sundry product listing (unsolicited endorsements) from this morning's smells.
  1. My dog's breath (he came from the Hawk Creek Animal Shelter...
    For some reason, his breath smells like a fish cleaning table (and not the kind where fish get all pampered with a spa treatment). Either my beagle has taken up fishing or the neighbors are throwing fish carcasses over the fence. Either way, I am strangely okay with it.
  2. Random man supplies
    Oh yes, watch out world. This morning, I'm smelling fine inside and out.
  3. My new prototype travel mug
    Looking forward to trying some fresh coffee in my new mug... Although, it is a little too big in size... logo also too large... time for a staff meeting with the Promotions Department (myself?)... Ah the struggles of shameless and profitless self promotion...
  4. Good to know that only one of the first three smell like dead fish. It's a start.