1. At work, my phone started ringing in my pocket.
  2. I went to glance at the number, but my pocket had already answered the call. Ugh.
  3. I could hear someone loudly saying, "David?"
  4. I reluctantly answered. In an even louder voice, the sales guy said, "Hi, this is Rod Stewart."
  5. Immediately, my cube neighbor texted me to ask if he really was "Rod Stewart?"
  6. Yes, but sadly, he never asked, "Do You Think I'm Sexy?"
  7. He did not show any signs of "Infatuation."
  8. He did not appear to be calling from a "Downtown Train."
  9. Worst of all, Rachel Hunter was not on the line.
  10. Gosh, thanks pocket, but next time check the number, before you answer.