1. I hope they don't cut off my ugly toe.
    Give me a break. How often do you hear about botched toe exams. Calax.
  2. Why is up with this music?
    Was it ever popular? With anyone? Anywhere?
  3. Whew! No forms to fill out.
    A rare benefit of being a frequent flier.
  4. Where are the magazines?
    How will I get by without a single People, Time, Sports Illustrated, or Better Homes & Gardens? Borderline inhumane treatment.
  5. They are going to tell me I'm fat. I know it. I just know it.
    Well, if they don't, they should at least advise me to shed a few pounds.
  6. Really? This much waiting and moderate anxiety over an ugly toe.
    Glad it ain't the whole foot.
  7. Ah, the mystical door has opened and I have been summoned.
    The wait is over. Come along ugly toe, let's do this.