I'm calling in to say that I will be a little late with this morning's li.st.
  1. Seems it snowed more than I thought it would last night.
    Check the weather dude.
  2. Had to clear out our driveway.
    Is not that what kids are for?
  3. Cleared out the neighbor's driveway.
    I suspect that they don't like the fence we built to contain our loud dog and kids. Consider it a peace offering. A very small and chilly peace offering.
  4. Got to get the kids ready.
    Involves a cattle prod and many well crafted threats.
  5. Need to drive them to the Santa breakfast.
    Santa, please buddy, sleep in next year.
  6. Go to church.
    Pray for forgiveness for the late li.st.
  7. Trim the Christmas tree.
    Before we have a "New Year's tree" (patent pending).
  8. Hey, wait. I just wrote a li.st. I'm in the clear.
    Sorry, no time to edit for errors. You see there's plenty to do.