Back in college, I started an annual tradition. Every MLK Day, I update my resume. No matter my life circumstances, I give the ol' bio a look to see what needs updating. Fortunately, this year I find myself one year into a job that I truly enjoy. Stress level, challenge level, Work-Life Balance all about right. So here are some silly updates.
  1. "Facilitate numerous employee activities."
    aka - Have successfully landed myself on most Office Party Planning Committees.
  2. "Sustain office energy levels."
    aka - Bring in quality, dark, strong coffee to share.
  3. "Encourage employee retention."
    aka - Hand out blankets to ensure that no co-workers freeze in place at their desks.
  4. "Problem solve."
    aka - After numerous attempts, managed to find the right combination of devices to receive Minnesota Twins baseball broadcasts in my cube. #Winning #MoreThanTheTwins
  5. "Effectively communicate."
    aka - Worked with my colleagues to develop the go to emoji combination for any office at anytime... the Sheep farting a Rainbow. Use it. You will thank me later.