Unintended consequences from a completely innocent work email
  1. Email requesting "access" so I can finish up the last remaining little itty bit of a project
    Just a desire to get it off my desk.
  2. Even though email was sugary sweet, apparently I used verbiage that triggered some deep organizational angst
    Uh, I'm new here.
  3. Response was overly complicated and copied in many bosses
    Would you bring these people with you into the room, if we were meeting in person.
  4. Misstep II - I tried to clarify that I just need one hour of access to finish up my little project
    We are on the same team. Right?
  5. Access granted, but just for an hour and more bosses copied
    Really? Do all of these people really care?
  6. Checked and I still did not have access
    Ugh. Pain. Feelings of pain.
  7. Called my boss to apologize for all of the trouble caused by said innocent email
    Did not know about that landmine.
  8. Could have tried to call originally "emailed" person, but too exhausted to even think about it
    Shrugged and moved on, because as my 12-year-old would say, "Ain't nobody got time for that." #Truth