1. Ant Interrogation
    Why did they appear in the kitchen? Where did they suddenly come from? What is their objective? Are their motives pure?
  2. Summer Smells
    Sitting in a movie theater, you smell something. Not unpleasant. Just different. After watching superheroes battle for another fifteen minutes, you realize the smell is coming from your flip-flops. A certain blend of fresh cut grass and feet. Not a bad smell, just Summer.
  3. References in Need of Summer Context
    Turning to my wife at the dinner table I asked, "So, anything new we want to do in the bedroom?" Sorry kids, no intention of permanently damaging your mind's eye. Missing from my question were a few crucial pieces. Let me try again, "So, this Summer are there any plans for additional remodeling of the cabin's bedroom?" There, now it's dinner table conversation approved. #FirstSuccessOfSummer