Inspired by "casual" Sunday in church and my wife's clothing selection.
  1. My wife's jeans (temptation)
    Holy cow! That makes everything look all Hollywood. Oh my! I have to be where those jeans are.
  2. Stop! (guilt)
    What are you doing? You're in church.
  3. My wife's blouse (more temptation)
    Now, this is not fair. Really? Shaped just right and draped in all the right ways. Oh, wrap up the sermon already.
  4. Stop it! (pal, it looks like you need some more guilt)
    Does the Holy Trinity need to remind you of your locale, young man?
  5. Wait a second (justification)
    I'm married to the beauty of my desires. Doesn't on some level this commitment make all of my thoughts more acceptable?
  6. Sort of (here comes the "but")
    Yep, lifelong faithfulness and all that jazz helps, BUT wait an hour. Really bud. Wait.
  7. Humph (kind of happy that the bargain worked)
    Okay, sixty minutes. I can wait sixty minutes to fully enjoy the view. Until that time, I will close my eyes and say a thankful prayer. Oh indeed, I am blessed.
  8. Apologies (sorry to the greater community that just had a glance into my all too flawed soul)
    In my defense however, my smart, confident, witty, lovely, fit, and all around amazing wife was dressed really fine (enough already... and all God's people said, "Amen!").