Just a bit of background, Stratego is a strategy board game based on late 1800s battlefields (or something like that). The game has been around a long long time.
  1. My 9-year-old son Sam said he wanted Stratego for Christmas, just like the version they play at school.
  2. My wife (knowing nothing about Stratego) did some research.
  3. As I ordered it online my wife warned, "Make sure it is the original version and not the imitation brand."
  4. Finding the correct version, I declared with pride, "Here it is! I know this is the version that they play at school, because Sam was telling me that a woman is the spy. When I was a kid, there was not a woman character in the game."
  5. Looking up, my dear wife attempted to bring me to the Modern Age. "Times have changed, you know."
  6. Needing to clarify my observation, I added, "They made the woman a spy. The only deceitful character in the game. Just sayin'."
  7. Stratego may be a fun board game, but a bastion for feminism, it is not.