Stuff on the Kitchen Counter (that should not be on the kitchen counter)

a.k.a. Time to Clean the Kitchen Counter
  1. Random Bookmark
    Hummm... maybe my cookie cookbook needs its own customized bookmark... hummm...
  2. A Nickle
    Not just a normal nickle, but a nickle found on the floor of a church potluck. Hey, who brought the Nickle Jell-O Salad? Yum, my favorite.
  3. My Library Book
    I'm really enjoying the book, but my dog looks disappointed in the background.
  4. My Medal from this Weekend's Half Marathon
    Did I mention that I ran a half marathon this weekend? Yeah, me.
  5. The Flip Side of the Same Medal
    Very cool medal.
  6. Treasure Hunt Booty
    I hid this change and had a treasure hunt with my kids. I also like any excuse that I have to type the word "booty." It makes my inner Junior High student chuckle, but does not inspire me to clean the kitchen counter.