The Perfect Break at Work

Wonder and delight awaits you, when your boss brings Pop Rocks and Zotz into work.
  1. What not to do...
    Do not bite into a Zotz! They are a Pop Rocks filled hard candy and you will regret it (although your sinuses will experience a whole new sensation, guaranteed).
  2. What does not work...
    Much to our strange disappointment, Pop Rocks followed by Coca Cola will not send you to the ER. In fact, it's kind of a let down.
  3. What they help with...
    They help serve as a distraction, because I arranged for a group outing at lunch to a cool sounding burger place, but found out on the way that they were closed on Mondays. Ugh, but the name of a new children's book was born, "Dave, the Boy who should've Googled first."
  4. What they taught us..
    The absolutely coolest thing. For some people, if you swallow a package of Pop Rocks and chase it with water, you can actually hear the Pop Rocks in their belly. Absolutely coolest thing ever! #WinningPopRocksAtWorkStyle