I know it counts toward "today," but the capitalization in today's li.st title certainly looks off a tad.
  1. This jar of homemade pickles on a coworker's desk.
    Just does not pass the "yummy to the eyes" test.
  2. These doors at work. They seem too tall.
    No context here, but trust me, they are probably 12 feet tall. Why else would I take a photo of a random door? Perhaps I am just off a tad.
  3. My dog licking my legs.
    Here he is looking all shameful about his actions. In his defense, I had just returned from coaching a Little League game. We had our butts handed to us and my legs were probably covered with a fine texture/taste of dirt, sweat, salt, normal manly leg hair, and defeat. Certainly the type of flavor profile irresistible for any domesticated beast. Okay, this just proves the point. I'm the one who appears to be a tad off.