1. Top Name that begins with "O" is Oprah.
    Last night at 12:30AM, our 8-year-old would not stop complaining about a sore stomach. After a half hour, I gave up on sleep and watched Family Feud with him. In the final round finale thing, it turns out "Oprah" is the top answer for a name with an "O." I would have guessed Olivia. Who knew?
  2. The Family Feud induces projectile vomiting.
    This makes sense, but last night, I confirmed it as fact.
  3. My Dog has the capacity to "Sympathy Vomit."
    Oh, what a sweet barfing pup.
  4. Morning comes really early some days.
    Good news is that when I am home with the kid this morning, I will have lots of time to clean the bathroom.