1. Beck
    I like the whole "one name" thing. I like the persona. It would however take me some time to download and listen to new music. Just too tired right now.
  2. "Scrubs"
    I see commercials for reruns and I feel like I might laugh. 30 minutes however is 30 minutes and that is the problem.
  3. Canadian Football
    It has a bigger field and would make me feel good to know more about it, but it would involve learning some basic geography and what an Argonaut is. Seems tiring.
  4. Robert Caro's LBJ books
    I would probably find them interesting, but they are like a bazillion pages long, I am a slow reader, and I fear I might die halfway through. That would make my departed soul sad.
  5. Sewing
    I would feel proud replacing buttons, but sewing involves pokey things and I do not do well around pokey things.