1. Saying the word "chumpion"
    Shared this word with my son and oh how I laughed in an old man way.
  2. Whistling
    Especially when I'm emptying the trash.
  3. When my li.st takes an unanticipated turn toward "awesome"
    Read on...
  4. Hearing and then successfully pursuing an ice cream truck
    Overpriced ice cream, but soooo worth it on a hot day (or most any day).
  5. My kids had some cash for the ice cream truck
    Sadly, this one didn't take plastic, but it did stop for a full grown man chasing it down. "That dude must really want some ice cream."
  6. My kids tolerate my need to take random photos of them
    Even when standing on the hot blacktop by an ice cream truck.