1. Christmas shopping online, I went down a rabbit hole.
  2. Where did I find myself?
  3. At this jacket...
  4. Yep, it's all that and it even comes with a backside!
  5. All for only about $30 total.
  6. For $30, I could dress like Prince.
  7. For $30, I could look like a late night talk show band leader.
  8. For $30, I could be the talk of the office Holiday party.
  9. Plus, it is shipped from France.
  10. The same folks that brought us French Fries and the bikini. Oo la la.
  11. Before I grab my credit card, where is the sizing chart?
  12. Let's see, I normally wear XL and on their chart it converts to...
  13. Triple XL!
  14. What? Stunned, I put away the credit card, close the browsing window, and check to see how late the gym is open.