Views from the End Cube

Random things I recently saw at my office.
  1. Footprint Flowchart
    Someone used "footprints" on their flowchart to show client movement. Simple, but brilliant!
  2. Emergency Evacuation Transporter Thing
  3. Broken Restroom Soap Dispenser
    An example of bathroom rage? People really need to chillax. Word to the office.
  4. Staple Quandary
    Packet of papers. First page landscape. Remaining pages with portrait orientation. Staple placement can never work for all pages. Ugh. Flummoxing situation. The Gordian Knot for modern times.
  5. Mystery Chocolate
    Mysterious leftover chocolate appears by the coffee pot at 2:30PM. Is it safe to eat? Don't know, but I'm certainly gonna find out.
  6. Motion Sensor Lights (keep turning off on me)
    What? I'm working, dammit! Am I supposed to be flailing my arms about, as I type. Insulting. Energy efficient insulting.
  7. My Highlighter Bright Polo
    Royal blue lanyard set against a radioactive safety vest yellow polo with just the right amount of chest hair showing. Bold, yet strangely appropriate, casual day attire.