1. Yesterday at 7:30AM - Driving to school with my 9-year-old son, "Dad, I forgot my viola."
    Turn car around. Retrieve viola. Barely get to work on time.
  2. Yesterday at 8:45AM - Phone rings, "Dad, I forgot my viola in the car. Please, bring it to school."
    Father takes earliest recorded lunch break in human history.
  3. Considering tying a viola string around his finger to help him remember.
  4. 10 years in the future - Communication device alerts me, "Dad, I don't remember where I left the Google car."
    I assume that the car just did not drive off on its own. Perhaps it did.
  5. 10 years and 15 minutes in the future, after locating the Google car - "Dad, I forgot the biorhythmic password for the car."
    Ugh. Really? That's linked to your retinal scan and a simple 16-digit password containing 3 foreign characters.
  6. Future self shrugs, because this is just the way my son is hardwired. Time to remove that viola string from his finger.