The bed was sooooo cold last night, but it only seemed to bother me.
  1. Put on more clothes
    What? Restrict the movements of this well tuned humanly vessel? Oh, there must be a better option.
  2. Cuddle with the dog
    Why must he sleep up by my head? Not an optimal cuddling spot to generate heat
  3. Cuddle with my wife
    Dog has already firmly planted himself in the middle.
  4. Get frisky with my wife
    Kick the dog out of bed and get physical. Oh, what's that? She wants none of that tonight? Humph. I'll take a rain check.
  5. Turn on the heat
    It's the middle of September. Really? The middle of September. How is this lad going to survive six more months of this?
  6. Extra blanket
    That would require me exiting the bed, getting even colder, and finding another blanket. Seems like a lot of work.
  7. Whine until I drift off to sleep
    Goodnight chilly boy, sweet dreams. See you in the warm glow of the morning sun.