At work, our department desires in-house cappuccinos. This is our (odd) struggle.
  1. Our Desire
    We love our coffee station, but we wanted to make it epic. Desired ecstasy.
  2. Limitations
    Big dreams, but limited budget ($0). As a result, we bought a cheap cappuccino maker with a friendly name. Budgetary agony.
  3. Further Limitations
    We found out our new machine was forbidden within the workplace policies. Considering we like our boss (and our jobs) and we did not want to be trouble, the cheap cappuccino maker was transferred to my home office. Policy agony. Home office ecstasy.
  4. Compliance Dreams
    Not a group to go gently into the night, we found a $5 compliant battery operated milk frother thing-a-ma-bob on the internet. Problem solving ecstasy.
  5. Weirdness
    Getting the new frother in the mail, I plugged in some batteries, turned it on, flipped it over, and was weirded out. The company name (plus the device characteristics) made me suspect that the company also produces marital aides. Awkwardness agony.
  6. Postscript
    After an additional search, the company appears to produce legit milk frothers. Free company rebranding through renaming advice ecstasy. You can thank us later.